Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Russell Crowe is one of the most talented actors

Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe is an Australian actor. He was born in 7th April 1964. This gifted actor can also sing. He is a film producer as well. He is one of the most talented actors till date. He won an Academy Award for his outstanding performance in the movie Gladiator. This movie took him in one other level. Russell Crowes father name is John Alexander Crowe and mother name is Jocelyn Yvonne. He spent his childhood in New Zealand and then they move to Australia. Russell Crowe acted in movies like The Insider, A beautiful Mind. A beautiful mind is the best performance that he ever given. This movie helps him to achieve some great awards.  Crowes other films are, L.A confidential, Cinderella Man, Robin Hood, 3:10 to Yuma, Master and Commander and Robin Hood. All the movies are well appreciated.

He is one actor who likes to change his acting quality. Critics called him a “virtuoso”. He was nominated for three times in a row for the Academy Award. He also won one Golden Globe Award and one BAFTA award. He likes to choose challenging role to play. Every time he is screen he makes everyone belief that there is on one in the world will the role what he is doing. He is self-made actor. Some told him that “there is nothing to teach him without bad habit”. 

Russell Crowes started his carrier as a musician back in 1980. He has a New Zealand single called I just want to be like Marlon Brando. He did manage one music venue called “The Venue” and this is back in 1980. In 1996 he was given his starting professional performance in director Daniel Abineris “The Rocky Horror Show” and continued it till 1988. He straggle more than six months to find one other work but did not find any.  After that Bad boy Jhonny and the prophets of doom was come to him and again it is by the same director. He did TV series like Living with Law and Neighbors. In 1990 he got his first film called The Crossing. Police Rescue and  Romper Stomper were his some other projects. This is the main character of the amazing movie called “A beautiful Mind ”. One epic movie the Gladiator is one of the best movie as well in the history of Hollywood is also starring him in the lead role. He also was the lead of the American Gangster. The professional carrier is full with achievements.

Whenever we want to know some of the beautiful facts in every human’s life we look through some known life like Russell Crowe. He is one of the most inspiring actors of the generation. He changes through the times. He is like one real person in every movie.

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