Sunday, May 20, 2012

Top Ten Movies of the millennium

Movies of the millennium, As we all know Time Magazine is the number one magazine in the whole world and now it discussed about some of the film that managed to win fans heart all over the world. They have introduced some movies those who made a great impact in the box office as well as in the mind of human being. They included movies all over the world.  The included movie form India and Taiwan. All the movies are hurt winning movie for sure. You have seen every movie if not try to make time for those movies. I have seen all those movies and like these movies very much. I’m recommending you to watch these 10 movies.

10. The Artist: this movie was set in the Hollywood silent era. That is why the movie is wordless. There is no sustained inspiration and the movie is awesome. The movie is one of the best movies of last year. The movie got numerous awards.

9. Moulin Rouge: I am true fan of love story’s. if a feeling can be put into word , then put it into song. Director Baz Luhrmann did a trimendus work with directing the movie Moulin Rouge. The movie is the best movie of 2001. Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman and Richard Rexburg  did great work to their roles.

8. Devdas: Devdas is not a typical Hollywood movie. It is a Bollywood movie. The best actor of Bollywood is reprising the role of the unforgettable Devdas. Writer Soroth Chondro Chottopaddya wrote the novel near about 50 years ago but the story did manage to pull out everything form an audience.

7. Synecdoche, New York: this movie is an independent movie. Director Charlie Kaufman did a awesome job portraying the story. Movie was awesome.  Great movie to watch out.

6. Heart Locker: We all know that Heart Locker movie is based upon the Iraq. The movie is here to portraying the story of an army camp was in Iraq to protect the normal citizen of Iraq. How they do it what they sacrifice that is the story of Heart Locker. Director Bigelow did fear business with the movie.

5.The White Ribbon: The White Ribbon is one movie that will teach something to everyone. This movie won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film festival. The movie is a masterpiece. One of the best movie to learn something.

4. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: This is movie form Taiwan and the movie is about a warrior. The movie is one of the grossing foreign movies of all time. The movie also won the academy award for foreign movie.

 3. Avatar: James Cameroon came with one other blockbuster and that is Avatar. The Avatar is the official highest grosser of all time. The 3D effect were awesome in the movie.  It is one of the best movies of the year as well.

2. The Lord Of The Ring: The lord of the ring is one of the most loved movie in the history of cinema. This LOTR series has three movies under his belt. The entire movies are one masterpiece. Director Petar Jackson did the awesomest job doing Lord OF the Ring Series. The movie won 17 award within 30 academy awards.

1. Wall E: Wall E is best movie of the millennium according to Times magazine. The movie is base upon one lonely character in world working for remove to waste. The first 30 munities is upon one character who barely talks. Wall E can easily tech you something you have to is the True contender of the millennium list.


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  2. Stupid list Avatar in top 10 is itself a biggest joke of millennium cracked by this magazine i would like to see a Dil chahata hai, Lagaan, Page 3 on this list rather than over rated Devdas and one of the most critical acclaimed movie is "There will be blood" which has always been overlooked by this magazine please TIME Stop rating at least movies and music because u don't know how to rank them.
    Here the true list
    1. City Of god
    2. Lords of the ring: Film trilogy
    3. There will be blood
    4. Cauche (Hidden)
    5. Mulholland Drive
    6. Yi Yi
    7. Talk to her
    8. Wall- E
    9. In the mood for love
    10. Eternal sunshine of spotless mind