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The Lord of the ring: fellowship of the ring, The starting of a epic journey

The film, The Lord of the Rings, is an epic film and it did industrious business in box office. The Lord of the Rings director is Peter Jackson. With an overall budget of $285 million it is one of the biggest and most ambitious movie projects. The movie is the sixth highest-grossing film series of all time ,it was heavily awarded and won 17 Academy Awards. The trilogy received wide praise for its innovative special and visual effects. 

The Lord of the ring: fellowship of the ring
After wathching Ralph Bakshi's The Lord of the Rings movie 1978, Director Peter Jackson first came to about the film. Jackson planned about to make a fantasy film that would be relatively serious and feel "real" with the new developments in computer-generated imagery following Jurassic Park. Saul Zaentz is the person who had held the rights to the book since early 1970s, pitching an adaptation of The Hobbit. Jackson  and his partner Fran Walsh make a team  to negotiate with Saul Zaentz. But Saul Zaentz did not have distribution rights to The Hobbit. Then Jackson decided to move ahead with King Kong. In 1997 they and began a six-week process of sorting out the rights. they had written their treatment  Two to three months later from a a synopsis of the book. They agreed upon two films and a total budget of $75 million. Jackson and Walsh began writing with Stephen Sinclair durin mid 1997. They wrote two film scripts within about one year. They already have decided to merge the two films into one as they came to know that Miramax unable to finance the budget. Jackson became upset by the idea of cutting out half the good stuff of the story. Robert Shaye viewed the video & then he asked why they were making two films when the book was published as three volumes.He really wanted to make the film trilogy. And then Director Jackson, Walsh and Boyens had to write three full  new scripts. Jackson took a more chronological approach to the story. To create satisfactory conclusions much effort was put. But there was some ambiguous things such as the battles and the creatures. Most characters have been modified for extra drama. The screenplays continued to evolve during shooting to further explore their characters. The character of Arwen, who was a worrier princess, was the most notable amongst all the legend character. The filmmakers employed Hollywood sword-master Bob Anderson to develop fight and sword choreography for the trilogy and he did awesome job.

Jackson hired long-time collaborator Richard Taylor to lead Weta Workshop on five major design elements: armour, weapons, prosthetics/make-up, creatures, and miniatures. His crew began designing Middle-earth at the same time in 1997. In many locations of  New Zealand's conservation areas and national parks principal photography for these three films was conducted.

The Lord of the ring: fellowship of the ringThe trilogy has around 3,420 effect shots. 260 visual effect artists began work on the trilogy. There was different editor for each film. John Gilbert worked on the first film, Mike Horton and Jabez Olssen on the second and Jamie Selkirk and Annie Collins on the third. Daily rushes would often last up to four hours. The music was composed, orchestrated, conducted, and produced by Howard Shore. Sound technicians spent the early part of the year trying to find the right sounds. Some were bought. Human voices were also used. The technicians worked with New Zealand locals to get many of the sounds.

 The trilogy was first released on 27 April 2000 in online and set a new record for download hits. The Lord of the Rings film trilogy is the highest grossing motion picture trilogy worldwide of all time.

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