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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince gift for every harry potter fans

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is the sixth installment of Harry Potter movie series. This is the sequel to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and followed by Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows Part One. This movie is based on the book by author JK Rowling called same. The movie screenplay is written by Steve Kolves . Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is produced by David Hayman and David Barron. This movie shows that the mysterious plot from the textbook. This movie is full in emotion and drama. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is telling the story of the sixth year.  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is one of the most critically acclaimed Harry Potter movies. The name character is played by Danial Radcliff alongside the best friends were played by Rupert Grint and Emma Wotson as Ron and Hermione.
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 
Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince release on 15 July 2009. This movie has huge run at the box office with breaking all great selling record. This movie has created a record of first day grossing table. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince had earned more than $394 million in five days. It becomes the best earning movie of that year till AVATAR comes. AVATAR becomes the No one all time grosser. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince gross over $934 million at the box office. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince became the 8th all time grosser at that time, now it is in position of 16th highest grosser of all time. It was the second highest grossing movie of that year. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince had gotten nomination at 82nd Academy Award.

The movie is to tell what is happening when ministry of magic found out Voldemort had returned. They are trying to take Harry in their side but Harry did not like the idea or Dumbledore. With this deal done they can show everyone that the situation is under control. On the contra Voldemorte had given a task upon Malfoy Jr. The secret task is very dangerous that is why NarcissaMalfoy came to Severus Snape seeking help. Bellatrix had a bad influence on Snape so she asks Snape to take Unbreakable Vow to prove that he is loyal to Dark Lord Voldemorte. On the reply Snape take that Unbreakable vow. Now Snape have to do that work if Malfoy failed to do it for Lord Voldemorte. Harry helps Dumbledore to take Professor Slaghorn back to the school. His return is very important.

Professor Slaghorne had possessing a very useful thought that will Help Horry Potter to kill Voldemorte. Dumbledore want Harry to take that thought with full acceptance of Slaghorn. Harry has to convince Slaghorn to give Harry that particular thought because the memory is the pure killing road to beat Voldemorte. By this time the Dark Lord has taken the full grip on the wizarding and the mugles world. He is doing very rough things with all of them.  He is killing men and torturing them with Crusio curse.  Worse is happening daily. Malfoy is on the road to finish his task what Voldemorte had given him.

This movie is a true entertainer. You can easily get entertain by this movie. You will never want to take one second off during the movie.  This movie is a gift for the Harry Potter fans. This movie is the best till now. The production design is tremendous and the screenplay is the best by far for the series. The direction become more mature in this movie. This movie is very Appling as well. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is surely going to get 4.5/5.

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