Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Harry Potter VS The Twilight Saga Series.. Who is the Best?

Harry Potter is better than The Twilight Saga series. I am going to talk about the most loved series of time whether it is Harry Potter or Twilight. Both movies are great eye candy. But when it comes to the content which of the movie is going to take the battle on by their side is hard to say. As we all know both the movie has a great follower all over the world but the box office say Harry Potter is the sure winner. I am not going with the box office results but with the content of the both movies. By the content quality Harry Potter is the clear winner as well.
Harry Potter VS Twilight 
If I ask what Harry Potter I am sure everyone will try to give the death curse which is “Avada Kedavra”. We all know that Harry Potter is a franchise which was loved by everyone. I can say that every person with a brain are going to love Harry Potter movie, as they did not seen the movie till now. I think in this universe there is not a person who doesn’t seen Harry Potter where DVDs are available. It is not a movie but a era. Twilight is one of the most loved movies by the teen age girls.

Twilight is a movie which is based upon one the bestselling novel by Stephen Mayer. This is also great with content.  Twilight is like a love story that never meant to happen.  This is a love story between a vampire and an ordinary girl. This movie did not create a global fan following like what Harry Potter did.

In my openion Harry Potter is the best movie between them, why?

1.       Harry Potter starts with a beginning but twilight does not have a great start to the movie. The first part of the movie Harry Potter was truly successful in the box office and the audience loved form the heart. They relate with character of the movie. They become a part of the wizarding world. But Twilight is not that much successful but did a fair business in the box office for sure.

2.       As the story goes on Harry Potter teach what friendship is? And Twilight show what is teen love? I am saying Harry Potter is one step ahead because there is so many movies what is sharing the experience of teen love. Both the movie are unique because they do have new stories. Harry Potter is wizard and the love interest of Bella swan is a vampire.

3.       Harry Potter has so many emotional things in the movie but the Twilight focused on the love triangle. Harry Potter show how friendship become love and Twilight shows how love become sex. Harry Potter can teach you anything you need to learn as a human being but Twilight is here to show how to become pregnant in teen age.

4.       No content that can follow by any human is in Twilight movie. Twilight is a movie as movie not a special one. Harry Potter is one movie that comes in hundred years.

Don’t mind those who like more than Harry Potter. This is just opinion. Both the movies are great. Harry Potter is the best among them.

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