Monday, May 7, 2012

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is here to create records

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the fifth installment fifth installment of Harry Potter Series.  This movie is a sequel to Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire and prequel to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  There are some changes as well. This movie is produced by David Hayman and David Barron. Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix is also in the banner of Wornar Bros. This movie is directed by David Yeats. The screenplay is done by Michael Goldenbarg. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix are based on the name titled book by the author JK Rowlin. This movie takes a year to start form the past one. After this gap has gotten full grip and never break his concentration to become the highest grosser. This movie has grossed nearly $1 billion on the box office. This is my bad luck that I have this movie today.

Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixThe story of the movie is related to the novel. Those who have read the novel know the story of the movie. Those who did not read the book they do not know the story. The story is simple. Harry is in the fifth year of his school. He got better with his age.  This is clear that the evil lord Voldemort had returned. Harry saw him and Dumbledore belief him as well but the entire wizarding world are not willing to belief this. Some dementors come to the ordinary man’s world and tried to create a mass but somehow Harry manages to defeat them. Ministry of magic forcefully gives upon a case in the name of Harry Potter despite judging the fact of the unwanted visit of the magical deadly creatures. They are trying to throw out Harry Potter out of the school because of using magic in front of a muggle. Dumbledore fought the case for Harry and disappear without saying goodbye to Harry. There was a team called Order of the phoenix, which was formed as a result of mass killing of Voldemort and ended up unsuccessful. Now the order is reforming because they need to fight Voldemort. Minister of magic Fudge is very insecure and thinking that Dumbledore is assembling a team to battle for him against the ministry of magic. He appointed a new teacher in Hogwarts School. Professor Ambridge is very rude and mean by nature. She is a agent within the school working for Fudge. She is not helping anyone to learn magic. By this time Voldemort did took a place inside Harry and he is slightly controlling him as well. How Harry will learn magic and fight with Voldemort  is the story of the movie.

The movie is not only a gift for the Harry Potter fan but also a antidote for the Harry Potter fever as well. The cinematography is amazing along with the costume designing. The movie director Devid Yeats did a fantastic job. The performances become more realistic and manage to come through the hype. This movie is a must watch. Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoniex is a great joy to watch. You will not be able to stand up from your site. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoniex is worth 4.5/5.

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