Saturday, May 12, 2012

Iron Man- Science fiction superhero of today

If I going to say who is Iron Man?, the answer would be are you kidding with me. As everyone knows Iron Man is one of marvels most known super hero. The Iron Man movie is based on the Marvel called Iron Man. I is not possible those who likes superhero movie do not know about Iron Man. Iron Man movie was released in 2008. It is a superhero science fiction movie.  The movie is directed by Jon Favreau and produced by Avi and Kevin Feige. The movie is starring by Robert Downey Jr, Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow. This movie is distributed by Paramount Pictures. Budget of the movie is $140 million. It was a successful movie.

Iron ManThe name character of the movie is played by Robert Downey JR and supported by Terrence Howard as Perpper Potts. Trrence Howard played a role of military James Rhodes. Negative part of the movie played Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane.
The story of the is about a multi billionaire person called Tony Stark. He is not the person like hero type. He loves to lead a disassembled life with no string attachment. He is the owner of the weapon development company stark which was founded by the late father of Tony Stark. As like his father Tony is an extra ordinary inventor and developer of weapons. He won numerous awards for his attachment for the military of the USA. His personal assistant Perpper Potts is one person without whom Tony can’t even think about to take a breath.
Tony is on a mission where a terrorist group (the ten rings) takes him as hostage. He was hurt by a grenade which is form the Stark Corporation. They took Tony into a cave where he gets the treatment but he did not find his heart in the place when get up.  Yasin is one physicist who used the ark reactor technology to help Tony stay alive. Tony found out that the ten rings use his weapons to kill innocent lives. He decided to destroy the whole reserved weapons by them and run away from the place. He builds a suit like a Robot and took the step to the freedom. He destroys those weapons and flies away from the cave. After reaching home he decides to shut down the weapon development industry.

He improves the suit capacity and use the power of the ark reactor technique to develop his life support system. Obadiah Stane is greedy for the technology and like to take the technology form Tony Stark but do not like the idea of the letting everyone know about the technology. Obadiah Stane do not take this decision easily so he tries to make same suit. Somehow tony found out that Obadiah Stane is the man behind the bad thinks.  By the time he gets that fact Obadiah Stane did rob the ark reactor system from Tony.
How Tony will survive? If he does, how will he stop the Obadiah Stane? That is the story. The story telling is tremendous and movie is awesome. I give this must watch movie 4 out of 5.

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