Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kung Fu Panda one amazing creation by dreamwork

Kung fu panda is an animated movie by “The Dream Works Animation SKG” tm. Everyone belief that there is a legendary Dragon warrior whose Kung Fu style is so unique that, everyone who will take him on will be smashed badly. The legendary warrior travels the lands in such a worthy pose that every criminal becomes Weak at their knees. Kung Fu is directed Jhon Wane and Mark Osborne produced by DreamWorks. Kung Fu Panda is distributed by the Paramount picture. Main characters are Phow and Tigress. Their voice is given by Jack Black and Angelina Jolie. Master Shifu is was performed by Justin Huffman.  
Kung Fu Panda

The story is based on a hero, who is a panda named Phow . His father is a duck and also a cook. Who sells Noodles and his noodles is also famous for its test. In the morning Phow is late to his work. So his father calls him. Suddenly his dream was broken and he becomes awake. Awaking up he tries the Kung Fu skills which he dreamt about. But he fails to. Hearing that noise his father says what is he doing? He replied in the negative. Actually the panda is fond of the 5 chosen warriors, Monkey, Mantes, Crane, Viper and finally Tigress, Seeing that his neighbor become Astonished, Phow becoming ashamed said sorry and leave his room. He went to his father restaurant. Going there he told about his dream to his father. His father said that dream hardly comes true. By hearing that he changed the topic and said that he was dreaming about noodles. His father become pleased to know that his sun finally has the dream of the noodles. He said when he was young. He had the dreams of the kung fu. Panda said did he never try to become one. The duck said a dream is a dream. It will never come true.

The panda sadly watching the training area of the 5 chosen warriors, Monkey, Mantes, Crane, Viper and finally Tigress become hopeless. In the training area the master Shefu trains the 5 chosen warriors.
The Shefu himself was trained under the care of master Hook-way. Master Hook-way called Shefu because he sensed that Tilon is released from his prison. Who is a fearless kung fu worrier trained by master Shefu. Defeating
him is nearly impossible. Hearing the news he tells Zing to fly to the Tilons
Prison and tell the guardians to double the guard, double the weapons and double everything. Zing getting the warder from Master Shefu Zing started flying to his destination.

Mean-while in the restaurant panda find out that the ceremony to choose the dragon warrior is taking place. He informs the customers about it and tells them to go there. When he was on the move his father told him to take his Noodle car with me. The Panda find himself very innocent climbing the stairs over thousands. After reaching the top he found that the gate was closed. He tried the best to watch everything. But every steps ended in like smoke. Then one tremendous idea hit his mind. He made a rocket of crackers to see the dragon warrior. But unfortunately he fell in front of the master Hook-way and he announced the panda the dragon warrior. Master
Shefu tells master Hook-way that it is an accident. But master Hook-way says that nothing is accident.

In the hostel Tigress tells Panda that he doesn’t belong here. He becomes very sad hearing those from Tigress. In the morning master Shefu didn’t find Phow in his room. He thought that he left the training area. But he was practicing. At that night the 5chosen warriors started their journey to defeat Tiflon. But they fail. In the palace master Hook-way crossed over and told him to nurse the Panda Well. Hearing those he Trains Panda With all his heart and he came to know that the Panda had secreted power inside him. Just before Tiflon came master Shefu gave him the secrete Dragon scroll. At first he found nothing. But after some time he came to know that there are no secrete power, it is all him. In the battle between Shefu and Tiflon shefu injured badly. But Panda defeat Tiflon without breaking sweat. Thus he defeated the great villain Tiflon .

The Kung Fu Panda was an amazing movie. One awesome creation from the Dream work animation. This movie did teach something special to everyone. Every person should follow his dream if they want to fulfill his dream.

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