Saturday, April 28, 2012

Speed 2: Cruise Control

Speed 2: Cruise Control is an action film created by Director Jan De Bont after the enormous success of “Speed” in 1994.It is released on 13th June’1997. It didn’t warrant a sequel of Speed. Here, the bus was replaced by a cruise ship and that is the scriptwriters have got a great narrow-mindedness. In this movie if the Ocean Liner doesn’t stop, everyone get killed same as the 1st movie if the bus stopped, everyone get killed and that’s a small twist between them.

Speed 2: Cruise ControlSpeed 2: Cruise Controls plot sets as having long since things off with her boyfriend, Annie (Sandra Bullock) and her new boyfriend Alex (Jason Patric) plan a romantic holiday on an ocean liner. When the reunited lovebirds embark on the Seabourn Legend, it is hijacked by irascible passenger, John Geiger, who’s a walking time bomb and is a mentally-unstable. A psychotic computer expert, he’s the designer of the Seabourn computer system. By hacking the ship’s computer system the disgruntled ex-employee (Geiger) intends to take over the ship, crank the engines up to full power and sets it on a collision course. While he takes over the ship, he orders the crew to evacuate, then aims the ship at an oil tanker, steals all the jewelry on board and escapes with goods. As they are trapped in the ship, Alex has to take him on and try to stop the ship, which they discover is programmed to sail in to an oil tanker. At the end of the film is the ship hitting the Dry Dock and crashes into the island Saint Martin.   

Keanu Reeve didn’t except the role for this second part because of its worse scripts.
In this film, Keanu Reeves’ absence can terribly be felt. His replacement is so colourless. Considering the dubious quality of the final product, this may be the wisest decision of the young actor’s career.

In the movie ‘Speed ’we looked lots of promising ingredients like action. It was an entertaining shake of pure adrenaline that took everyone by surprise. Jan De Bont was an instant success and Bullock became a hot commodity. But Speed 2 can be numbered among the worst second chapters ever made.

Watching speed 2: Cruise Control was just a money maker and embarrassed for everyone involved. Sure, they’re all being well-paid, but no one wants a $120 million flop on their resume. Critics had mostly criticizing its poor acting, unrealistic story and boring characters. One of the most criticisms was that the film’s setting on a slow moving cruise ship was much less thrilling than setting on a fast moving bus. Then there was the decision to include comedy in the film and in particular the way comical little scenes are intertwined with the action scenes didn’t work powerfully.

The film was a box office disappointment and appears headed for a box office disaster of titanic proportions. Speed 2 has already sunk for its poor entertainment and creativity.
Though there were too many feasibility problems, the film still not a failure. It earns less then half of its budget in the US and earned less then $265 million worldwide. The film won the award for Worst Remake or Sequel.       

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