Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Justin Bieber the hit machine

Justin Bieber
The Canadian Singer Justin Bieber mainly sing pop and /R&B songs. He was discovered by Scooter Braun. Justin Bieber came out with a YouTube Video.  Scooter Braun was looking some new videos on YouTube and clicks one of Justin’s videos. Letter he take Justin to Usher who was in Atlanta. Usher was also impressed with the music that Justin created. Soon Justin signs a contract with RBMG. The uprising star Bieber debut with the single called “One Time”. This single was released in the year of 2009 and peaked the top twenty in the Canada. The very first album of Justin Bieber was EP my world which released in the following November of 2009. This album was become a platinum hit in USA. With the album he created a record “First man to have seven songs in the top 100 on Billboard”.

Bieber’s first full album is My World 2.0. My World 2.0 was released in 2010. This album peaked the first spot with the releasing in USA and in top ten in some other country. My World 2.0 is also a platinum hit is under the belt of the little hit machine. This album’s music video Baby is one of the most successful singles. Baby is the most viewed music video on the YouTube. The followed up released of Justin Bieber by the release date and those were My World Acoustic , Never Say Never- Remixes, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never the 3D concert movie. The movie did get a great opening on the box office and nearly match the box office collection of the best opening concert movie. This Canadian pop singer released his second studio album in 2011 which called the Mistletoe. This album also takes a great start with peaking the top spot on the Billboard 200.
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber become famous with the first single but some songs that make his journey a great treat for the listeners.  Baby is the most successful song of Justin Bieber till date. His first  single One Time, Never Let You Go U smile were in the list of successful songs.  Eenie Meenie is one song which he sang with Sean Kingston was well appreciated. He did also work with User and get tremendous appreciation.   He is the youngest singer who acted in the Billboard after Stevie Wonder.

Justin Bieber managed to get awards like “Artist Of The Year” in the American Music Awards 2010. He is also nominated for Best New Artist and for the Best Pop Vocal Album in the 53rd Grammy Awards. This talented singer has won over million hearts worldwide. Form the beginning of his carrier he is always in the news.  He is one of the most discussed celebrities as well. He is related to one other singer Selena Gomez. His look is very popular among the teenager.  His hear style become popular with the first beginning. His hairstyle is the most expensive hairstyle of all time.

Justin Bieber is ready for the next release. In “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” he declared that the first song of the album will be called “Boyfriend”. He also has an interest to make a duet song with Demi Lovato. This little hit machine has a far way to go for sure.

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