Thursday, April 19, 2012

Poets Of Fall One Rock Band For Entertainment

Poets of Fall is the name of a rock band of Finland. Marko Saaresto is the lead vocalist, Olli Tukiainen is the lead guitarist and Markus Kaarlonen is the keyboardist of this band. Besides, Jani Snellman as bass guitarist, Jari Salminen as drummer and Jaska Mäkinen as both rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist also support during their tour. Earlier name of this band was ‘Playground’. In 2003, they named it ‘Poets of Fall’.

Poets of FallDuring the debut year of this band, Sami Jarvi, Saaresto’s friend and a script writer, gave a poem to Saaresto and requested him to make a song using it. It was named ‘Late Goodbye’ and it became the ending-theme of the action game “Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne”. Later, on June 30, 2004 they unveiled their 1stsingle ‘Late Goodbye’ in Finland. Afterwards, 2nd single “Lift” was released in September. These two songs succeeded to earn a huge and remarkable response in Finland and also became the 2nd and 7th song respectively. Music videos of both songs were produced in the following year.

On 19 January 2005, their first debut album “Signs of Life” was released in Finland. It became one of the best Finnish albums among top 40. They achieved “Emma Award” for the "Best Debut Album of the Year 2005" and also "Best Newcomer of the Year" Award. Later, they won the "Best Finnish Breakthrough"-Award at the NRJ Radio Awards. On 22 March 2006, their 3rd single “Carnival of Rust” was released. It became the No. 2 song in Finnish charts. On 30 March, its music video was released. This video won "Best Finnish Music Video of All Time” award. It also became the “Best Music Video 2006" by the Voice. They named their album “Carnival of Rust”. On 12 April 2006, it was released. Due to winning two remarkable awards of the single ‘Carnival of Rust’, this album was released not only in Finland but also in Germany, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine and Australia. Without any delay, this album achieved the no. 1 position on Finnish charts. It was also nominated for "Best Finnish Album" at the NRJ Radio Awards and "Best Rock Album" at the Emma Awards in 2007.  Following that year, the band released their single ‘The Ultimate Fling’. Including this song, their 3rd album “Revolution Roulette” was released in 26 March. It also reached the top position of Finnish charts. Although it was not released outside Finland, the band made a tour to U.S.A at Los Angeles with this album. In 2009, they also made a tour to India. After the end of the tour, on 9 December 2009, they released their next single ‘War’ with music video. This video specially featured Alan Wake, a psychological thriller video game which was developed by Remedy Entertainment. However, including the song ‘War’, their 4thalbum “Twilight Theater” was released on 17 March in Finland; later, on 29 October in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It also became the No. 1 on the Finnish charts.

Poets of fall released the 2nd edition of their debut album ‘Signs of Life’ on 19 January 2011. On 16 March, they released ‘Alchemy Vol. 1’ which consisted of all the videography as well as the favorite songs of the band-members. It also featured their two new songs ‘No End, No Beginning’ and ‘Can You Hear Me’.

The upcoming 5th album titled “Temple of Thought” will be released on March 21 2012. A song named ‘The Happy Song’ written for ‘Alan Wake's American Nightmare’ will be included in this album. Since the foundation of this band, they sold about 1 million copies of albums. “Poets of fall” is certainly one of the successful rock bands of the world, although they did not release their albums outside Finland so much. But for each and every album, they became renowned and awarded. That is quite an amazing matter, no doubt.

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