Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Battleship an entertaining movie

BattleshipBattleship movie is one other movie that directed by Peter berg. Peter Berg is one director directed the successful movie Hancock.  Now that he is delivering the new movie Battleship. Battleship was released in April 11, 2012. This movie is also from the Hasbro series which bought Transformer series. The transformers series was a successful journey for every movie goers. Battleship is an American science fiction movie. The movie is also produced by the director Peter Berg. The movie has distributed by the Universal Picture. Movie starts like Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard, Liam Neeson and Broklyn Decker is in the movie. The movie is from the background of a Video named the same. The movie was schedule to release in 2011 but is postpone.  

Alex is talented man but now he is living a good for nothing life. Alex’s elder brother is a Navy officer and he makes Alex to join the Navy. Even after joining in the Navy Alex did not change. During an international naval exercise which is happening in Hawaii he clashes with one other naval officer of foreign. Admiral Shane is the superior played by the legend Liam Nesson. Admiral Shane is the father of the girl whom Alex is in love with and the girls name is Sam. Admiral decides to throw out Alex form the Naval exercise.  At that time five unknown thing enter the surface. One dropped in Hong Kong. It causes great life loss and property and the other four falls in the Pacific Ocean. The news confirm by NASA is that this alien come to earth as a response to an high electromagnetic wave massage that was send by NASA. This is a research project. How those aliens will destroy the planet or how the human will survive that is the story of the movie.

The movie script is good but it does not have enough elements for regular movie goers. Those who do not have sufficient time to go to the cinema will love the movie. The movie script is not wow but good. The whole movie is about an earth like planet. The dress design is not that good.  You will find that those alien wearing dress like Iron Man.

The actors of the movie did well. Legendary Liam Neeson was wasted in the movie. He does not have anything but yelling when he is giving his speech. Rihanna did not impress but she did have some screen time. The movie direction is good. Peter Berg did great job without a script, Thumbs up to him. The movie do entertain only with it great visual work.  Before the ending the ending fight is really breathtaking. 

Good: visual effect is really good.

Bad: Without the visual effect the movie is nothing. The movie does not have a script.

You can watch the movie if you like action movie. Don’t expect much with the movie. The movie is an entertaining fear for those who likes kick ass action. The movie deserves 3.5 starts in 5.

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