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Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis
Bruce Wills
Bruce Willis is a name of Hollywood legends. His full name is Walter Bruce Willis. He has been performing as an actor, producer and musician. Bruce starts his career in television in 1980 and after then he continues his performing in both TV and film. He is a versatile actor, performing different kinds of role sometimes comedy, sometimes dramatic and also in action movies. Bruce Willis became famous performing in the movie Die Hard series, as John McClane character. Die hard series was very critical as well as box office winner movie. He works at least 60 movies, among which some box office winner movies are Pulp Fiction (1994), 12 Monkeys (1995), The Fifth Element (1997), Armegeddon (1998), The Sixth Sense (1999),Unbreakable (2000), Sin City (2005) and Red (2010).

Bruce Willis was born in March 19, 1955 in West Germany. His father David Willis was an American soldier. Willis was elder among four brothers and sisters. Willis moved for New York just after his junior education in the school. His father moved to Carneys Point, New Jersey with full family after discharging from his military job in 1957.

After performing in different characters and giving audition many times, he made his theater debut in the off-Broadway production of Heaven and earth. He also works several times as a stage performer to get more experience and coverage. He performs a stage show name Fool and Love.

His first important character was in the Blake Edwards film name Blind Date with renowned actress Kim Basinger and John Larroquette. Edward cast him again to perform as Tom Mix a real life cowboy in Sunset in 1988. But after performing in the Die Hard series he starts his new life as a movie star. Bruce Willis mostly performs his own stunt shots in the film.

Bruce Willis is two-times Emmy Award- winning, Golden Globe Award winning and four times Saturn Award nominated actor, Also won American Cinematheque Award in 2000, get nominated in 2001 for American comedy Award for Friends (1994) in the category of Funniest male guest appearance in a TV series. Winner of two times Blockbuster Entertainment Award and two times nominations. He got total of 14 winnings and 25 nominations under his belt.

Willis met renowned actress Demi Moore at the premiere for the film Stakeout. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore get married on November 21, 1987. They had three daughters Rumer Willis, Scout Willis and Tallulah Willis before their divorce on October 18, 2000. This couple didn’t mention any reason to the public media for their divorce. But both of them maintain a close connection together. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore also presently share custody of their children. Demi Moore later on engaged to another actor Ashton Kutcher, who supposed younger than Demi Moore.

Willis tries two times to make new bond after his divorce with Demi Moore. He starts his new bonding by engaging to Brooke Burns and they continue ten months together and then broke up in 2004. Later he married Emma Heming on March 21. 2009. During his marriage party his three daughters and Demi Moore with Ashton Kutcher were present. Willis has been expressing his concern of having more children in the past days. And on October 26, 2011, it is announced from Bruce Willis;s side that he and Emma were expecting their first baby together and Willis’s fourth.

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