Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Chronicle is a superhero movie of 2012. This science fiction superhero lick was directed by Josh Trank. Chronicle is written by Max Landis. The movie is based on a story by Landis & Trank. The movie does not have any well-known performers under its belt. Chronicle movie is played by some young artist, they are: Michael.B, Michael Kelly, Dane De, and Alex Russel. In its 83 minutes the movie has enough great time and point to look at and some great fallout as well. Chronicle movie budget is little over $15 million. It is a little budget for any superhero movie.

As previously concerned the movie Chronicle does not have any big name in its belt, there is not so much publicity as well. This movie does not have any expectation. Somehow this is the plus point of the movie; because of not so much publicity this movie has an untouched story. With its unknown story this movie can surprise you. Chronicle has some great special effect what makes the movie worth to watch. The movie belongs to the found footage genre. Chronicle movie is fully mix-up of some video footage. Those footage are taken by the character Andrew.  Andrew is the main character of the movie. He took all the video with his Camera. The movie is fully shotted in Paranormal Movie style and this is very helpful for this movie to portray the full story as the director wanted. The use of handycam is fully different form Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield. Josh Trank made the handycan more stylized and exiting.

Adrew is a teenager who reads in the High-School. He is videotaping his daily life form the starting of the movie. He is bullied by his alcoholic father who is also abusive. Andrew is lonely a  person. Andrews is only loved by his mother who is ill. He got bitten up by his abusive father often. Andrew fells lack of confident and lack of strength. His lack of confidence did make him suffer a quality.

One night Andrew, his cousin Matt and Matt’s friend discover a foreign object accidently. The object is under the ground, in the woods. Three scared but curious friends touched the object. With touching the object they were blessed with superpower. The bizarre super power allows them to do some great deal. They can move anything without touching it no matter how heavy it is. They can fly high in the sky. They can float anything with their imagination.

Post finding the superpowers Andrew finds him good enough to interact with girls. Matt and Steve were happy to use their power against the random citizen’s and friends. Matt and Steve are very careful with their superpowers. For sometimes all is well. There is a word everything is not for everyone. Andrews’s fun took a wrong turn. Now Andrew is unable to control his power. The ugly road has started. What will happen next?

The director of the movie has done a good job with the script. The movie has something to hook you to your seat.  The young but talented actors had done justified work with their roles.  Casting is perfect for every role. Andrew is awesome. It is clear the young director wanted to make the story simple and clean and he did. Movie script is ok. The first half is great fun to watch but the second half do not have enough surprise compare the first half. The movie pace is fast and good. Story flow is impressive. The first half is unpredictable and the second half is little predictable. The second half is not so goo compare with the classy beginning.

Chronicle is a superhero movie of poor man’s. This movie is less complicated, not so preachy, little glamorous but truly entertaining.  This movie can easily get 3.5/5.

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