Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne
Full name is Avril Ramona Lavigne. Avril Lavigne is a Canadian singer and song-writer. Ontario is the birthplace of Avril Lavigne, spent her childhood in Napamee. She enters music-world in her childhood. At the age of 15 she first appears on the stage. Two song was recorded when she was 16. Those song bring her the deal of $2 million. She broke into the scene of music world in the age of 17 with her first album. Averil Lavigne’s first album is Let Go. All Avril Lavigne album's make her the sensation between the young generation. Her first album “Let GO” made her the youngest female singer to enter the top chart. 18 million copy was sold till 2009 of the Album “Let Go”. “Complicated” song of this album take nearly all country’s to chart. She continues her journey of victory with her second “Under My Skin”. This album released at 2004. This album takes the first spot of the top chart of billboard music chart. 10 million copies of the album sold worldwide. The third entry of the list is “The Best Damn thing”. The third album is also produce the top chart to her carrier. Girlfriend is the number one song of us billboard. This album has top five songs that is on the top of top chart. Avril Lavignes fourth album “Goodbye Lullaby” is also a great movie of her music carrier. The album makes her the youngest female singer to find the top chart on her feet. That is not all; she has a carrier in movie world as well.

Avril Lavige has given her voice in 2007 Animation movie over the Hedge. In the same year she acted on a movie which is called “Fast Food Nation. That is not all in the movie carrier of hers. Avril has given her voice on the song “Alice” which was in “Alice in The Wonderland”. She has two perfumes, Black Star is released in the year of 2009 and other one is Forbidden Rose which was released in the year of 2010. She introduces her cloth line with “Abby Dawn”. Abby Dawn is her nick name back in childhood.  Avril is ready to release fifth album.

Let go:

Losing Grip Complicated ,Sk8er Boi ,I am With You, Mobile, Unwanted, Tomorrow,Anything but Ordinary, Thing  I Will Never Say, My World, Nobody is Fool, Too Much to Ask!

Under My Skin:,

Take Me Away,Together,Don’t Tell Me,He Wasn’t, Happy Ending, Nobody’s home, Forgotten, Who Knows,Fall to pieces, Freak Out, Slipped Away

Best Damn Thing:

Girlfriend, I can do better, Run Away, The Best Damn Thing, When Your Gone, Everything Back But You, What, Innocence, I don’t have to Try, One Of Those Girls, Contagious,Keep Holding on.

Goodbye Lullaby:

Black Star, What the Hell, Push, Wish You Were Here, Smile, Stop Standing There,I Love you, Every Body Hurts, Not Enough, 4 Real, Darlin, Remember When, Goodbye, Alice

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