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Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson
In the world of entertainment Jackson is very famous name. The person who will be recognized by the people at first is the late pop-king Michael Jackson. But, having the surname Jackson, some people are also success in this world of music and film. We are talking about a successful recording artist and actress. Her last name comes from her family. She is the sister of pop-king. But she is famous with her talent, no by her brother’s familiarity. She is Janet Jackson. She is the number-ten child of Katherine and Joseph Walter Jackson. Janet Jackson was born on 16thMay of 1966 in Indiana, USA and her birth name is Janet Damita Jo Jackson.
From the childhood Jackson grew up in an environment which was friendly and encouraging to do musical activities. But her desire of childhood was to be a jockey of race-horse. When she was very young her five brothers used to perform in night clubs and theaters with name Jackson 5. This family background inspired her to be a musician in her later life. Basically she is a recording-music artist. Yet she did very good job in two powerful medium television and film. She also wrote a book named True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself.

Till this time ten albums of Janet Jackson was released.

1.      Janet Jackson: The first album of Janet Jackson is self-titled. It was released on 21stSeptember of 1982. This album contains eight tracks. They are – Say You Do, You’ll Never Find (A Love Like Mine), Young Love, Love and My Best Friend, Don’t Mess Up This Good Thing, Forever Yours, The Magic Is Working and Come Give Your Love to Me. The album was average hit.
2.      Dream Street: Second album of Janet Jackson is Dream Street which was released on 23rd October of 1984. This album has nine tracks. They are – Don’t Stand Another Chance, Two to the Power of Love, Pretty Boy, Dream Street, Communication, Fast Girls, Hold Back the Tears, All My Love to You and If It Takes All Night. This album was successful. The first song was in top ten tracks of R&B and also took place in Billboard.
3.      Control: On 4thFebruary of 1986, third album of Janet Jackson was released. This album has nine tracks. They are – Control, Nasty, What Have You Done for Me Lately, You Can Be Mine, The Pleasure Principle, When I Think of You, He doesn’t Know I’m Alive, Let’s Wait Awhile and Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun). This album was very successful. For this both singer and producer achieved many prestigious prizes.
Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson
4.      Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814: The fourth album of Janet Jackson was released on 19 September of 1989. This album has twenty tracks. They are – Interlude: Pledge, Rhythm Nation, Interlude: T.V., State of the World, Interlude: Race, The Knowledge, Interlude: Let’s Dance, Miss You Much, Interlude: Come Back, Love Will Never Do (Without You), Livin’ in a World (They Didn’t Make), Alright, Interlude: Hey Baby, Escapade, Interlude: No Acid, Black Cat, Lonely, Come Back to Me, Someday Is Tonight and Interlude: Livin’… In Complete Darkness. This album was successful and won many awards like Grammy, MTV Music Award etc.
5.      Janet.: The fifth album of Janet Jackson is Janet, released on 18th May of 1993. This album has twenty seven songs. They are –Morning, That’s the Way Love Goes, You Know…, You Want This, Be a Good Boy…, If, Back, This Time, Go On Miss Janet, Throb, What’ll I do, The Lounge, Funky Big Band, Racism, New Agenda, Love Pt. 2, Because of Love, Wind, Again, Another Lover, Where Are You Now, Hold On Baby, The Body That Loves You, Rain, Any Time Any place, Are You Still Up and Sweet Dreams. The album was the number one on Billboard and won other prizes.
6.      The Velvet Rope: This album was released on 7th October of 1997. This album has twenty two tracks. They are Interlude: Twisted Elegance, Velvet Rope, You, Got ‘till it’s gone, Interlude: Speaker Phone, My Need, Interlude: Fasten Your Seatbelts, Go Deep, Free Xone, Interlude: Memory, Together Again, Interlude: Online, Empty, Interlude: Full, What About, Every Time, Tonight’s the Night, I Get Lonely, Rope Burn, Anything, Interlude: Sad and Special. Many critics said that The Velvet rope is the Masterpiece of Janet Jackson. The album was No. 1 on Billboard and No. 2 in the Top Hip-Hop album chart.
7.      All For You: This is the seventh album of Janet Jackson which was released on 24th April of 2001. The album has twenty tracks. They are – Intro, You Ain’t Right, All for You, 2wayforyou ( Interlude), Come On Get Up, When We Oooo, China Love, Love Scene (Ooh Baby), Would You Mind, Lame (interlude), Trust a Try, Clouds (Interlude), Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You), Truth, Theory (interlude), Someone to Call My Lover, Feels So Right, Doesn’t Really Matter, Better Days and Outro. This albums DVD version is a little bit different than the mp3 version. It was an average successful album.
8.      Damita Jo: On 22ndMarch, the eighth album of Janet Jackson was released. This album has twenty two tracks. They are – Looking for Love, Damita Jo, Sexhibition, Strawberry Bounce, My Baby, The Island, Spending Time with You, Magic Hour, Island Life, All Nite (Don’t Stop), R&B Junkie, I Want You, Like You Don’t Love Me, Thinkin’ Bout My Ex, Warmth, Moist, It All Comes Down to Love, Truly, The One, Slolove, Country and Just a Little While. The album was No.2 on Billboard when it was released and received platinum certification from Recording Industry Association America (RIAA). Damita Jo of Janet Jackson is sold above three million copies in the whole world.
9.      20 Y.O.: This is the ninth album of Janet Jackson. It was released on 26th September of 2006. This album has sixteen tracks. They are 20, So Excited , Show Me, Get It Out Me, Do It 2 Me, This Body, 20 Part 2, With U, 20 Part 3, Daybreak, Enjoy, 20 Part 4, Take Care, Love 2 Love and 20 Part 5. The album is average success.
10.  Discipline:The last album of Janet Jackson is Discipline which was released on 26thFebruary of 2008. This album has twenty two tracks. They are – I.D., Feedback, Luv, Spinnin, Rollercoaster, Bathroom Break, Rock with U, 2nite, Can’t B Good, 4 Words, Never Letchu Go, Truth or Dare, Greatest X, Good Morning Janet, So Much Betta, Play Selection, The 1, What’s Ur Name, The Meaning, Discipline, Back and Curtains. This album was very successful and topped on Billboard.

Janet Jackson is a fine actress too. She acted in many films and TV shows. The Films are – Poetic Justice, Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps, Why Did I Get Married?, Why Did I Get Married Too? and For Colored Girls. Total numbers of the TV series, in where she acted are five. She is a good choreographer too.

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