Monday, March 26, 2012

Miley Cyrus

Miley CyrusMiley Ray Cyrus is an Actress come Singer. She is an American residence. Sometimes she writes songs as well. She is mostly known as Hannah Montana. She was born in 1992 month November date 23. She got plenty of records under her belt. Disney did give her a chance to prove herself and she did prove with the role of Hannah Montana’s Miley Stewart. She is a national teen icon for sure. Now Miley Cyrus is mostly known as a singer.

Miley Cyrus recorded her first soundtrack in 2006 with Walt Disney Records. Her first was Hannah Montana and the second was Hannah Montana 2/ Meet Miley and that was released in 2007. Her TV series Hannah Montana made her the teen Idol.  In 2007 she signed a contract with Hollywood Records to start a Solo Career. Hannah Montana Started with the Best of Both World tour. This tour become a highest grossing tour and it also converted into a film titled as Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus; the best of both worlds concert. She released her first solo album in the year of 2008 which called “Breakout”. Breakout is commercially successful.  That year she gave her voice to an animated movie called “Bolt” and also gets nominated for the original sound score for movies theme song. She also acted in movie called Hannah Montana the movie. In this movie she introduces herself in new version. She captures the Contemporary market with the soundtracks.

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus is that kind of person who loves to make her own image. In 2009 she released The Time of our life. 2009 is one of the most incredible years for her because her song “Party In The USA” was among the best seller of the billboard. This song becomes a celebration of the nation. In 2010 she released her album called can’t be tamed. With this one song which is named after the albums introduces the sexual part of the entertainer. She is the 64thhottest women according to the Forbes 2010.

She started her career with Hannah Montana show. She becomes the teen idol with the role of Miley Swart. Hannah Montana was an instant hit according to the Daily Telegraph. This show become one of the heist viewed show on the cable. She became the first person who has all the deals with The Walt Disney Company. Her first single was Best of both world. It was used for the theme of the Hannah Montana. As the TV series goes on she become more and more useable. The production company captures the most of it. With Hollywood recording company she released her first album and that was a successful album. Then comes Breakout. Breakout included songs like “7 Things”, “Fly on the wall”, “See you again” and many other awesome tracks. The Time of Our Lives is the bestselling album of her. This album was certified as Platinum by RIAA. Party in the U.S.A is the best song by Miley and it did took the second best spot of the Billboard. The single of the album was When I Look At You it used for the movie promotion of The Last Song. Undoubtedly Miley Cyrus is one true performer.

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